Useful commands that aren’t in GUI (type in chat with / in front):

  • texreduce (= picmip in Quake), 0-12 (ex: /texreduce 4)
  • hudgun (= drawgun), 1|0 (ex: /hudgun 0)
  • /maxfps 0 sets uncapped, or set to any value (ex: /maxfps 288)

Join the Sauerworld Discord server: (use #find-games)

Peak hours are 10 - 18:00 EST (15:00 to 23:00 GMT), after 18:00 EST you can usually find duels in discord but no team games other than public ictf

For items duel, try to find a server using the competitive HB mod - HB testing, sp4nk’s PCP, and [sQ] servers all have it and are open, while and sp4nk’s g4ngb4ng have it but you’ll need an established player to unlock them.

Note that because hit detection in Sauerbraten is clientside a ping of 100 is perfectly fine, and up to 200 is still playable albeit bad.

Try messaging notas, Redon, or Lokio if you need help or just post in #sauercom in Sauerworld Discord

PS: if you are kicked randomly from the server ‘effic bitches!’ it’s because the server is run by a fuckwit

The above text is a short introduction notas put together originally for people watching his stream. It’s supposed to be helpful for new players, especially those already familiar with the genre of Arena FPS.

I just formatted and reposted it here for preservation purposes.